Washington, founded in 1791, was laid out as the administrative center of the then young United States. It's early years of growth were rather slow, being called a "city of streets without buildings." When the British maliciously ravaged the city in 1814, it gave it's residents a renewed calling-to build a truly great city from the ashes.

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Union Center Plaza III11built2002
Residences at CityCenter 211built2013
Keck Center of the National Academies11built2002
Herald Square Building11built1991
Farragut Center11built2001
Archstone CityCenter 111built2013
777 Sixth Street NW11built2007
750 First Street11built1991
625 Indiana Avenue NW11built1988
2121 K Street NW11built1981
2020 K Street NW11built1975
1899 Pennsylvania Avenue NW11built
1800 K Street11built1970(1)
1601 K Street NW11built2006
1522 K Street11built
1420 K Street NW11built1965
1200 G Street NW11built
1121 14th Street NW11built2006
Woodies Building10built1926
SEC Building10built1982
Republic Place10built1987
L'Enfant Plaza South Building10built1965
L'Enfant Plaza North10built1965
Department of Transportation - East Building10built2007
Constitution Center10built1969
Atlantic Building10built2006
901 E Street10built1989
730 15th Street10built1930
370 L'Enfant Promenade SW10built1987
2001 L Street10built1986(1)
1440 New York Avenue NW10built1927
1330 G Street NW10built2003
1300 Connecticut Avenue10built1954(1)
1150 18th Street10built1991
1101 K Street NW10built2006
House of the Temple2built1915(1)
Abraham Lincoln Memorialbuilt1922(1)
Continental Building14built1954
The Warner Building13built1924
Sovereign Park13built2004
Market Square West Tower13built1990
Market Square East Tower13built1990
F1RST Residences13built2017
Columbia Square13built1987
1001 Connecticut Avenue13built1952
The Sonata12built2006
The K at CityVista12built2007
National Permanent Building12built1977
Millennium Building12built1999
Lafayette Tower12built2009
816 Connecticut Avenue12built1987(1)
2099 Pennsylvania Avenue12built2001
200 Massachusetts Avenue12built2018
1900 Pennsylvania Avenue12built2005
1667 K Street12built1983(1)
1200 K Street12built1992
100 M Street12built2008(1)
Capitol City Plaza11built2008
601 Massachusetts Avenue NW11built2015
1331 F Street10built1989
Museum of the Bible8built2017
Walter E. Washington Convention Center7built2003
Aloft Hotel & Residences10built2012
55 M Street9built2010
The Colonnade13built
Quebec House South13built1950
Diplomat Apartments13built1967
Cathedral Towers West13built1958
Cathedral Towers East13built1958
Waterside Mall West Tower12built1973
Waterside Mall East Tower12built1973
The Ritz-Carlton Washington DC12built2000
The Lansburgh Residence12built1992
Ring Building12built1946(1)
1220 L Street12built1982(1)
Federal Home Loan Bank Board Building11built1928
655 K Street NW11built2014
Thomas Jefferson Memorialbuilt1943(1)
Bender Building12built1959
Department of Veterans Affairs Building11built1919
2001 Pennsylvania11built1989
1420 New York11built1988
1099 New York Avenue11built2008
Barr Building11built1926
1010 Vermont Avenue NW11built1925(1)
Ronald Reagan Building9built1998
Washington Grande Hotel13built1972
The Woodner13built1953
The Whitman12built2006
The Lexington at Market Square South12built2000
The Cosmopolitan12built2004
Senate Square East12built2007
Hotel Harrington12built1916
Gewirz Student Center12built1993
District House12built2016
Chevy Chase Pavilion11built1990
Carroll Square11built2006
1750 H Street NW11built2002
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