Washington, founded in 1791, was laid out as the administrative center of the then young United States. It's early years of growth were rather slow, being called a "city of streets without buildings." When the British maliciously ravaged the city in 1814, it gave it's residents a renewed calling-to build a truly great city from the ashes.

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1150 Connecticut Avenue12built1975
1133 Connecticut Avenue12built1989
1101 Vermont Avenue12built1982(1)
1015 15th Street12built1979
Market Square North11built1999
Alta at Thomas Circle14built2006
The Dumont13built2008
1801 Pennsylvania Avenue13built1990
901 New York Avenue11built2004
10 G Street11built1989
Georgetown Car Barn3built1897
1717 H Street12built1953
Station Place III10built2009
Station Place II10built2006
Mass Court Apartments14built2004
John and Jill Ker Conway Residence14built2016
Foxhall Condominiums East14built1982
Eleven Fifty K14built2005
Camden Grand Parc14built2002
Park Chelsea13built2015
Parc Riverside13built2015
Marriott at Metro Center13built1989
Intercontinental The Willard Washington DC13built1904
400 Massachusetts Avenue13built2004
Universal North Building12built1962
The Willard Office Building12built1986
The Watergate 60012built1970
The Channel12built2017
Patriots Plaza I12built2005
One Thomas Circle12built1982
One Farragut Square South12built1962(1)
OFC Building12built1967
Hilton Washington & Towers12built1965(1)
Global Building12built1963
Franklin Square12built1989
801 14th Street12built1914
800 K Street12built1989
800 Connecticut Avenue12built1992
750 17th Street12built1989
666 Eleventh Street12built
501 Third Street NW12built
1828 L Street12built1969
1750 K Street12built1970
1730 Pennsylvania Avenue12built1972
1700 K Street12built2005
1666 K Street12built1973
1660 L Street12built1967
1150 17th Street12built1970
1000 Vermont Avenue12built1950(1)
World Bank Headquarters J11built1986
Universal South Building11built1959(1)
Terrell Place11built2003
Southern Building11built1911
Potomac Center South11built
Potomac Center North11built
Edison Place11built2001
1444 Eye Street NW11built1985
Station Place I10built2005
Republic Square10built2006
1612 K Street14built1958
Freedom Forum and Newseum13built2007(1)
1775 K Street11built
1775 Eye Street11built1965
1500 K Street11built1929
The Residences at Terrell Place10built2003
Folger Building10built1907
400 E Street Hotel and Fire Station12built2015
Columbia Center12built2007
ORE 8213built2017
Hampton Inn & Suites Washington DC - Navy ...13built2015
1100 Connecticut Avenue13built1987
Sofitel Lafayette Square12built1929
Incanto Apartment Residences12built2017
Ashton Judiciary Square12built2009
2 M Street12built2013
1747 Pennsylvania Avenue12built1970
1730 M Street NW11built
1726 M Street11built1964(1)
1501 M Street11built1991
1201 Connecticut Avenue12built1940
Robert C. Weaver Federal Building10built1968
Lafayette Building12built1940(1)
Avalon at Gallery Place East12built2003
1331 L Street10built2008
1413 K Street14built
1411 K Street14built1959
1717 Rhode Island Avenue10built2005
Meridian at Gallery Place14built2003
Residence Inn Capitol13built2005
One Hill South13built2017
m.flats at Mount Vernon Triangle13built2014
AVA NoMa13built2017
1701 K Street NW13built1953
Yale West12built2011
The Artisan Condominium12built2006
Madrigal Lofts12built2007
Heurich Building12built1976
American Psychiatric Association Building12built1982(1)
1801 K Street NW12built1972
William P. Rogers Building11built2000
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