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Formerly known as Shihkiachwang.

The city is situated in the middle south of Hebei province. A small village until the turn of the century, when it became a railroad junction, it is now at the intersection of north-south and east-west highways and railroads. It has textile, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, automotive, and paper industries.

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Hebei Fuqiang Electric Power Tower 621built(1)
Hebei Fuqiang Electric Power Tower 521built(1)
Hebei Fuqiang Electric Power Tower 421built(1)
Hebei Fuqiang Electric Power Tower 321built(1)
Hebei Fuqiang Electric Power Tower 221built(1)
Hebei Science and Technology Tower12built1986(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 3018built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 2918built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 2818built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 2018built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 1918built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 1818built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 1718built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 2717built2011(1)
Fangbei Xincun 718built2009(1)
Fangbei Xincun 618built2007(1)
Fangbei Xincun 518built2007(1)
Hebei Financial Building16built
Shijiazhuang International Mansion15built(1)
Hebei Tianyang Mansion14built
Wufang Center13under construction
Yan Chun Hotel13built1982(1)
Hebei Baoyang International Habiliment Cen...16built(1)
Jinghua Hotel12built(1)
Hebei Arts Center2built1999(1)
Huaite Building12built
Jianqiao Chunyu 3115built2011(1)
Hebei Power Transmission & Substation Company14built1996
Fuhua Hotel12built2002(1)
Xinhua Mansion15built2000(1)
Hebei Civil Air Defence Hotel11built(1)
Agricultural Building13built(1)
Yanzhao Information Building11built2008
Huiyuan Hotel15built1984
Hebei Museum3built2012(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 1611built2011(1)
New Train Station3built2013(1)
Zhengding Airport T2 Terminal3built2008(1)
Weiyuan Century Plaza30built
Shijiazhuang Zhuye Garden Square Tower F30built
Shijiazhuang Zhuye Garden Square Tower E26built
Shijiazhuang ZhuYe Garden Square Tower A22built
Hebei Provincial Food Quality Supervision ...21built2009
Hebei Province Government Residence Building18built
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