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Formerly known as Shihkiachwang.

The city is situated in the middle south of Hebei province. A small village until the turn of the century, when it became a railroad junction, it is now at the intersection of north-south and east-west highways and railroads. It has textile, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, automotive, and paper industries.

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Hebei International Plaza 329under construction
Hebei International Plaza 229under construction
Xinyuan NASA28built2012(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-828built2008(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-1228built2008(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-1128built2008(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-128built2008(1)
Ziguangdu Diamond Plaza27built2013(1)
Jiadi Jiazuo Twin Towers27under construction
China Business Plaza26built2005(1)
NCPC Building25built(2)
Junchuang International Tower25built2008(1)
JiaHe Plaza24built2014
IFC Tower 1 & 224under construction(1)
Hebei Press Building24built2009(1)
TaiHe Building22built(1)
Hebei Provincial Food Quality Supervision ...21built2009(1)
Shijiazhuang No.1 Hospital Medical Techniq...20built2002(1)
Wanlong International Building 129built2010(2)
Hebei Sunshine Hotel26built1994(1)
Caiku International Tower26built2010(2)
Shijiazhuang Broadcast & Television Center24built2010(1)
Lianbang Oriental Pearl31built2008(1)
Wonder Mall28built2008(1)
Guang'an Building28built2002(1)
KunLun Shengyangmen Twin Towers28built2012(1)
Zhongtian Shidu 432built2011(1)
Zhongtian Shidu 1-327built2011(1)
ZhongHao 122built(1)
Hongren Mansion32built2008(1)
Yintai International Tower26built2008(1)
Wanda Intercontinental Hotel20built2011(1)
Shijiazhuang News19built1995(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 2130built2011(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-527built2008(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-427built2008(1)
Hebei Daily Newspaper Life Unit 127built1995(1)
Hebei Daily Newspaper Life Unit 327built1998(1)
Hebei Daily Newspaper Life Unit 227built1998(1)
Ximei Continental Hotel27built2014(1)
Diamond Towers26built2013(1)
Children's Hospital Of Hebei Province21built2007(1)
Huadu Mansion26built1989(1)
Yin Cheng Building22built(1)
Hebei International Trade Center27built(1)
Kaiyuan Building25built2011(1)
Dongshang Twin Towers25built2008(1)
Taihang Country Guesthouse18built2011(1)
Hebei Province Office Buildingbuilt(2)
Technology Center22built2009(1)
Doctor Expert Building25built1997(1)
Hebei TV Center Living Area26built1998(1)
Fuyuan Building26built(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-725built2008(1)
Shijiazhuang Government Building22built(1)
HongYuan Hotel21built2000(1)
Sinopec Hebei Petroleum Management Dispatc...19built2008(1)
Hebei Water Resources Department19built2000(1)
Shijiazhuang Coal & Gas Dispatch Centre18built(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-625built2008(1)
Quanyechang Mansion18built1986(1)
Fangbei Xincun 1-426built2007(1)
Platinum Mansion24built2009(1)
Chinese Life Building of Shijiazhuang19built(1)
The Higher People's Court of Hebei Province17built(1)
Shangde International Tower22built2009(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu Apartment 1-326built2011(1)
Nanhuayuan Tower C24built(1)
Shijiazhuang Local Taxation Bureau Building22built(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 2626built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 2526built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 2326built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 2226built2011(1)
Fangbei Xincun 826built2013(1)
Jinding Apartments 325built1998(1)
Jinding Apartments 225built1998(1)
Jinding Apartments 125built1998(1)
Norendar International18built(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-924built2008(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-1024built2008(1)
Ximei Business Hotel22built2003(1)
Zhong Jing Hotel26built(1)
Chang'an District Government18built2003(1)
Shijiazhuang University of Economics xue-422built2010(1)
Jinma International22built2010(1)
Yanchun Garden Hotel22built2001(1)
Hebei Meteorology Building21built(1)
Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau18built2008(1)
Shijiazhuang Second Cotton Textile Factory...28built1989(1)
No.3 Mansion22built2008(1)
Shijiazhuang Xinhua Store21built(1)
Shijiazhuang Third Hospital19built2008(1)
Bank of China Shijiazhuang14built1999(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 924built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 824built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 724built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 624built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 1224built2011(1)
Jianqiao Chunyu 1124built2011(1)
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