Boston is the largest city in New England, and one of the largest ports on the Atlantic Coast in the United States.

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Hyatt Place Boston Seaport11under construction
Haddon Hall11built1894
Converse World Headquarters11built2015
Little Building13built1917
24 Federal Street12built1910
Six Bowdoin Square11built1930
65 Harrison Avenue11built
30 Cornhill Street10built1924
Boston City Hall9built1968
Symphony Plaza West14built1978
Symphony Plaza East14built1978
25 Channel Center13built2006
Liberty Mutual Building11built1937
Troy Boston South Tower11built2015
Franklin Square Apartments13built
Three Post Office Square11built
745 Atlantic Avenue11built1989
West Village A13built1999
Boston Schools Central Administration Buil...11built1910
Park Square Building11built1923
449 Washington Street10built1900
National Union Bank Building11destroyed
Carney Building11destroyed
Beacon Building11built
Traders Building11built1922
The Oliver Building11built1903
The Old South Building11built1903
Pemberton Building11destroyed
Oakwood Boston11built1903
Merchants Building11built
Journal Building11built
Easton Building11built
Coolidge Linze J. Apartments11built1901
Colonial Theatre11built1900
Blake Building11built1910
Barrister Hall11destroyed
695 Atlantic Avenue11built1900(1)
55 Congress Street11built
453 Washington Street11built
44 School Street11built1924
35 Congress Street11built
31 Milk Street11built1929
211 Congress Street11built1924
210 South Street11built1920
161 Devonshire Street11built
15 Court Square11built1922
148 State Street11built1914
100 State Street11built1903
Walker Building10built1902
Massachusetts Building10destroyed
85 Devonshire Street10built
75 Arlington Street10built
62 Boylston Street10built1897
50 Congress Street10built1902
Martin Luther King Towers14built
Park Lane Seaport I13built2005
Yotel Boston12built2017
The Heritage on the Garden12built1988
Tent City Apartments12built1988
441 Stuart Street11built1932
Yawkey Center10built2004
St. Francis House10built1923
373 Washington Street10built
Holiday Inn Select Boston14built
Textile Building11built1910
21 Beacon Street11built1926
172 Beacon Street11built1928
77 Franklin Street10built
Neville House13built1977
Duggan House13built1977
Insurance Exchange Building11built1923
India Building11built
21 Congress Street11built
282 Beacon Street10built1927
274 Beacon Street10built
371-401 D Street15cancelled(1)
Penn Mutual Building11destroyed
33 Broad Street11built1905
27 State Street11built1896
Marshall Building10built1911
31 State Street10built
The Lenox Hotel11built1900
Fifteen Beacon Hotel10built
Devonshire Building10destroyed
81 Beacon Street10built
111 Devonshire Street10built
Morville House13built1972
Mass Pike Towers13built1972
Kenmore Tower13built
Cathedral Housing13built1950
Sleeper Hall12built1963
Onyx Hotel12built2004
Claflin Hall12built1963
Carl J. & Ruth Shapiro Cardiovascular Center10built2008
330 Stuart Street10built1917
100 Beacon Street10built1925
101 Merrimac Street10built
160 State Street10built1921
Frost Building10built
21 Custom House Street10built1989(1)
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