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Odessa is a major Black Sea port, as well as a sea resort of Ukraine. It was founded in 1793, became a town in 1794. Odessa was awarded a title of City-Hero in 1965.

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12-a New Shore St.30cancelled(1)
Ark Palace I25built2008(2)
Royal Island26under construction(1)
Golden Fleece28cancelled(1)
Ark Palace II20built2008(1)
The Crossroads24built2010(1)
Star Town24built2010(1)
Wonder City III26built2011(1)
Gagarin Plaza I 124built2014(1)
Ruslan and Ludmila23built2011(1)
Gagarin Plaza I 223built2012(1)
32 Academician Hlushko Av.24built2008(1)
Odessa Hotel18built2001(2)
New Arcadia21built2005(1)
New Arcadia Crown14built2009(2)
Wonder City22built2006(1)
Wonder City II22built2009(1)
The White Sail20built2006(1)
Blue Bird16built2008(1)
Acapulco II19built2015(1)
Star Town II24built2013(1)
Dormitory 3 of Pirogov Sanatorium15built1986(1)
Dormitory 2 of Pirogov Sanatorium15built1981(1)
Dormitory 1 of Pirogov Sanatorium15built1980(1)
The New Lighthouse20built2017(1)
Acapulco 118built2008(1)
Three Poplars16built2007(1)
Little Poplar17built2007(1)
Seven Samurais16built2006(1)
6th Fountain16built2009(1)
46a Novoselsky St.16built1968(1)
12-A Philip Orlyk St.15built(1)
37/1 Marshal Zhukov Av.16built(1)
Youth Hotel15built1983(1)
137 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
135 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
133 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
98 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
98 and 100 Dnipropetrovsk Rd.16built(1)
96 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
94 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
90A and 90B Academician Koroliov16built(1)
90 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
88 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
87 and 87B Marshal Zhukov Av.16built(1)
86 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
85/1 Academician Koroliov St.16built(1)
85 Academician Koroliov St.16built(1)
84 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
83A Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
82 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
82 Crimean St.16built(1)
80A and 80B Academician Koroliov16built(1)
80 Crimean St.16built(1)
80 and 82 Dnipropetrovsk Rd.16built(1)
79A and 79B Marshal Zhukov Av.16built(1)
78 Crimean St.16built(1)
77A Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
74A and 74B Academician Koroliov St.16built(1)
74 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
74 Dnipropetrovsk Rd.16built(1)
74 Crimean St.16built(1)
72 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
71A Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
71 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
70 Joliot-Curie St.16built(1)
67 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
66A and 66B Academician Williams St.16built(1)
66 Dnipropetrovsk Rd.16built(1)
65 and 69 General Bocharov St.16built(1)
64 Dnipropetrovsk Rd.16built(1)
63 Dobrovolsky Av.16built(1)
61 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
60 and 62 Academician Zabolotny St.16built(1)
56/3 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
56/2 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
56/1 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
55 and 57 Alexander Nevsky St.16built(1)
55 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
50/3 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
50/2 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
50/1 Academician Williams St.16built(1)
49 Ilf and Petrov St.16built(1)
41 General Bocharov St.16built(1)
40 General Bocharov St.16built(1)
38 General Bocharov St.16built(1)
38 and 40 Marshal Zhukov Av.16built(1)
36 General Bocharov St.16built(1)
36 Balkivska St.16built(1)
34 General Bocharov St.16built(1)
32 General Bocharov St.16built(1)
30B Balkivska St.16built(1)
30A Balkivska St.16built(1)
30 General Bocharov St.16built(1)
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