The first town was constructed around 800 A.D. The name "Moscow" was first mentioned in historical records around 1147 and incorporated as a city in 1156.

Moscow was the capital of Russia from 1328 to 1703 and returned to this status in 1918.

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Russia Tower118cancelled(4)
Russia Tower118cancelled
Palace of the Soviets100cancelled(3)
Crystal Islandcancelled
City Hall and City Duma70cancelled(2)
Grand City Moscow50cancelled
Zaryadye Administrative Building32cancelled
8th Tower41cancelled
Moscow City Hotel Tower55cancelled
Dmitrov Highway, 15-1656cancelled
MICEX Building36cancelled
One City Hall45cancelled
Moscow Sky Plaza34cancelled
Crossing of Karamyshevskaya Embankment and...43cancelled
House on Mosfilmovskaya 240cancelled
Dimitrov Highway, 16340cancelled
Trinity Tower45cancelled(1)
3-5 Veresayev St.42cancelled
Michurinsk Avenue, 39A-39B40cancelled