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The first town was constructed around 800 A.D. The name "Moscow" was first mentioned in historical records around 1147 and incorporated as a city in 1156.

Moscow was the capital of Russia from 1328 to 1703 and returned to this status in 1918.

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Kalina Krasnaya22built2005
Festivalnaya Ulitsa 24a22built2001
Botanichesky Pereulok 1622built
112 Lublin St.22built1994(1)
108 Lublin St.22built1994(1)
104 Lublin St.22built1994(1)
Ulitsa Akademika Anokhina 4-321built
Ulitsa Akademika Anokhina 4-221built
Ulitsa Akademika Anokhina 4-121built
Ulitsa Akademika Anokhina 2-321built
Ulitsa Akademika Anokhina 2-221built
Ulitsa Akademika Anokhina 2-121built2004
Park Place Moscow21built
Kuntsevo Residential Complex 421built
Zolotie Cluchi 2 Block 220built2003
NIIT Autoprom20built
Moscow Railway Company Data Processing Center20built1980
CNII Cyclone20built
Smolensky Passage17built
Grokholsky Pereulok, 28-3021built2002
Riverside Tower 3B14built2002
Constellation Capital - 1, Block 517built2004
Constellation Capital - 1, block 117built2004
Olympus, Tower 420built2004
Olympus, Tower 320built2004
Peace Avenue, 16119built1999
6 Vilnius St.22built1987(1)
5 b. 1 Paustovsky St.22built1984(1)
22 b. 2 Tarusskaya St.22built1985(1)
22 b. 1 Tarusskaya St.22built1986(1)
21 b. 2 Yasnogorskaya St.22built1984(1)
21 b. 1 Yasnogorskaya St.22built1983(1)
18 b. 2 Tarusskaya St.22built1984(1)
18 b. 1 Tarusskaya St.22built1983(1)
17 b. 2 Yasnogorskaya St.22built1985(1)
17 b. 1 Yasnogorskaya St.22built1987(1)
14 b. 2 Tarusskaya St.22built1982(1)
14 b. 1 Tarusskaya St.22built1982(1)
13 b. 2 Yasnogorskaya St.22built1985(1)
13 b. 1 Yasnogorskaya St.22built1984(1)
Rusakovskaya Ulitsa 121built2006
Grokholsky Pereulok 2821built2002
Maxima Panorama Hotel20built
Korston Hotel20built1976
10 Marshala Sokolovskogo20built1999
Toko Tower16built1996
Aviaplaza II16built2005
Donskoy Posad18built1996
Falcon's Nest Block 418built2002
Falcon's Nest Block 318built2002
Novye Cheryomushki, kvartal 32, korpus 219built2003
Riverside Tower 2D16built1999
Riverside Tower 1C14built2002
Maly Krasnoprudny Tupik 219built
Ulitsa Grizodubovoy 418built
Ulitsa Bazhova 24-218built2003
Kuntsevo Residential Complex 318built
Kuntsevo Residential Complex 218built
Surgical Clinic of N.V.Sklifosovsky Emerge...17built1982
Ministry of Justice17built
Gosstandart Building17built
House of Interns and Graduates16built1971(1)
Slesarny Pereulok 315built
Hals Tower15built2001
Grubber House15built
Europe Building14built2003
Central City Tower14built2005
The Swan20built1973(1)
Municipal Hospital #717built1976(1)
Four Seasons Hotel Moscow15built2008
Science 219built2004
Professors' House17built1953(1)
Usadba Centerbuilt
Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Ulitsa 10-7A17built
Tsaritssino Apartment Hotel 117built1990
Osennyaya Ulitsa 30-517built
Osennyaya Ulitsa 30-417built
Osennyaya Ulitsa 30-317built
Osennyaya Ulitsa 3017built
Osennyaya Ulitsa 2617built
Osennyaya Ulitsa 2217built
Orekhovo Apartment Hotel17built1990
Orekhovo Apartment Hotel17built1989
Marshala Vasilevskogo 1317built1997
Maly Krasnoprudny Tupik 1-117built
Kashirskoye Shosse 78-417built
Kashirskoye Shosse 78-317built
Kashirskoye Shosse 78-217built
6-8 Smolensk Boulevard17built1967(1)
110/2 Mira Av.17built1966(1)
VINITI Building15built
Hotel Peking13built1950
Riverside Tower 1A12built2002
Sadovaya Plaza15built2002
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