The first town was constructed around 800 A.D. The name "Moscow" was first mentioned in historical records around 1147 and incorporated as a city in 1156.

Moscow was the capital of Russia from 1328 to 1703 and returned to this status in 1918.

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Ulitsa Akademika Anokhina 2-425built2003
Sparrow Hills Tower 525built2004
Osenny Boulevard 1725built2001
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 6-325built2002
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 6-225built2002
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 6-125built2002
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 12-225built2004(1)
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 12-125built2004(1)
UES of Russia22built
Students' House22built1972
Avilon Plaza21built
Yukos Moscow Building20built2003(1)
Transport Terminal Tower 317built2014(1)
Northern River Terminal4built1937(1)
Naberezhnaya Tower A17built2004(1)
Bolshaya Cherkisovskaya28built
Marksistskaya Street, 724built2000
Arco di Sole21built2009(1)
6 New Arbat St.24built1967(1)
26 New Arbat St.24built1968(1)
22 New Arbat St.24built1968(1)
16 New Arbat St.24built1968(1)
10 b.1 New Arbat St.24built1968(1)
9 Stoletov St.23built2009(1)
7 Stoletov St.23built2009(1)
17 Stoletov St.23built2009(1)
15 Stoletov St.23built2009(1)
Ulitsa Bolshaya Naberezhnaya, 19 Tower A26built2004(1)
Ulitsa Bolshaya Naberezhnaya 19 Tower C26built2004(1)
Ulitsa Bolshaya Naberezhnaya 19 Tower B26built2003(1)
Udaltsova Street, 5-325built2003
Udaltsova Street, 5-125built1998
Udaltsova Street, 19-125built2001
Tri Kapitana, Korpus 124built2006
Udaltsova Street, 27-123built2004
94 Building 1 Kashira Hw.23built1996(1)
144 Building 1 Kashira Hw.23built1997(1)
122 Kashira Hw.23built1997(1)
Lotte Plaza21built2007(1)
Rosprom Building26built(1)
Yablochkov St., 4724built1989(1)
Ulitsa Vysokaya, 2124built
Balaklavsky Prospekt 24-124built2003
Balaklavsky Prospekt 20-124built2003
Constellation Capital - 1, Block 421built2004
Constellation Capital - 1, Block 321built2004
Constellation Capital - 1, Block 221built2004
Udaltsova Street, 7-126built2003
Yaroslavskoe Shosse, 122 -125built
Yaroslavskoe Shosse, 122 - 225built
Ulitsa Ostrovityanova 5325built2003
Novomaryinskaya Ulitsa 3825built2001
Novomaryinskaya Ulitsa 3225built2001
Mitinskaya Ulitsa 3325built2003
Kuntsevo Residential Complex 125built
Belorechenskaya Ulitsa 41-125built2002
Belorechenskaya Ulitsa 3925built2002
65 Chertanovskaya St.25built1986(1)
31 Marshal Zhukov Av.25built1974(1)
Rublyovskoye Shosse 44-224built
Rublyovskoye Shosse 44-124built
Osenny Bulvar 224built
Sparrow Hills Tower 623built2004
Golden Ring Swiss Diamond Hotel23built1970(1)
Volgograd Avenue, 24-2624built2003
Kantemirovskaya Street, 2924built2001
LUKoil Building12built
Olympus, Tower 224built2004
Olympus, Tower 124built2004
Novye Cheryomushki, kvartal 32, korpus 124built2003
Nagatino Embankment, 40/124built
Lobachevskogo Street, 92-324built2003
Lobachevskogo Street, 92-224built2003
Lobachevskogo Street, 92-124built2003
Koshtoyantsa Street, 624built
Koshtoyantsa Street, 224built
Koshtoyantsa Street, 1024built2003
Kashira Highway, 94-124built
Kashira Highway, 144-124built
Kashira Highway, 12224built
Kakhovka Street, 37-124built2003
Balaklavsky Avenue, 18-124built1999
Zyuzino, kvartal 14B, korpus 1623built2003
24, b. 1 Academician Pilyugin St.24built2002(1)
Nord Park Block V20built2010
City of Capitals: Building C18built2009(1)
Supreme Court of Russia13built
Sky House D22built2014
Sky House C22built2014
Ulitsa Mikluho-Maklaya 4425built
Ulitsa Mikluho-Maklaya 4225built
Ulitsa Mikluho-Maklaya 4025built
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