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The first town was constructed around 800 A.D. The name "Moscow" was first mentioned in historical records around 1147 and incorporated as a city in 1156.

Moscow was the capital of Russia from 1328 to 1703 and returned to this status in 1918.

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Holiday Inn Sokolniki25built2006
1st Novokuzminskaya Ulitsa 6-225built2003
Russia Bank Building22built1997
Gorky Park Tower22built2005
Marshala Biryuzova 32 B20built1999(1)
Technical Center of Sberbank18built1998
Exhibition of Economic Achievements Main P...built1954(1)
Zhulebinsky Bulvar 528built1997
Zhulebinsky Bulvar 2528built1999(1)
Prospekt 60 Years of October, 826built2002(1)
Snezhnaya Ulitsa 2825built2003(1)
RANE Hotel #125built1986(1)
Crowne Plaza Club Hotel20built2009
Ministry Transport Development Building24built1974
World Trade Center 221built2003
Verkhnie Polya Street 14-126built2002
Ulitsa Pererva 41-126built2001
Lyublinskaya Ulitsa 16926built2001
Lyublinskaya Ulitsa 165-226built2001
Lyublinskaya Ulitsa 16526built2001
Karamashevskaya Naberezhnaya 56-126built2002
Gubkin Street 626built
Ulitsa Akademika Anokhina 2-425built2003
Sparrow Hills Tower 525built2004
Osenny Boulevard 1725built2001
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 6-325built2002
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 6-225built2002
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 6-125built2002
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 12-225built2004
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa 12-125built2004
UES of Russia22built
Students' House22built1972
Avilon Plaza21built
Yukos Moscow Building20built2003(1)
Transport Terminal Tower 317built2014(1)
Northern River Terminal4built1937(1)
Naberezhnaya Tower A17built2004(1)
Bolshaya Cherkisovskaya28built
Marksistskaya Street, 724built2000
Arco di Sole21built2009(1)
6 New Arbat St.24built1967(1)
26 New Arbat St.24built1968(1)
22 New Arbat St.24built1968(1)
16 New Arbat St.24built1968(1)
10 b.1 New Arbat St.24built1968(1)
9 Stoletov St.23built2009(1)
7 Stoletov St.23built2009(1)
17 Stoletov St.23built2009(1)
15 Stoletov St.23built2009(1)
Ulitsa Bolshaya Naberezhnaya, 19 Tower A26built2004(1)
Ulitsa Bolshaya Naberezhnaya 19 Tower C26built2004(1)
Ulitsa Bolshaya Naberezhnaya 19 Tower B26built2003(1)
Udaltsova Street, 5-325built2003
Udaltsova Street, 5-125built1998
Udaltsova Street, 19-125built2001
Tri Kapitana, Korpus 124built2006
Udaltsova Street, 27-123built2004
94 Building 1 Kashira Hw.23built1996(1)
144 Building 1 Kashira Hw.23built1997(1)
122 Kashira Hw.23built1997(1)
Lotte Plaza21built2007(1)
Rosprom Building26built(1)
Yablochkov St., 4724built1989(1)
Ulitsa Vysokaya, 2124built
Balaklavsky Prospekt 24-124built2003
Balaklavsky Prospekt 20-124built2003
Constellation Capital - 1, Block 421built2004
Constellation Capital - 1, Block 321built2004
Constellation Capital - 1, Block 221built2004
Udaltsova Street, 7-126built2003
Yaroslavskoe Shosse, 122 -125built
Yaroslavskoe Shosse, 122 - 225built
Ulitsa Ostrovityanova 5325built2003
Novomaryinskaya Ulitsa 3825built2001
Novomaryinskaya Ulitsa 3225built2001
Mitinskaya Ulitsa 3325built2003
Kuntsevo Residential Complex 125built
Belorechenskaya Ulitsa 41-125built2002
Belorechenskaya Ulitsa 3925built2002
65 Chertanovskaya St.25built1986(1)
31 Marshal Zhukov Av.25built1974(1)
Rublyovskoye Shosse 44-224built
Rublyovskoye Shosse 44-124built
Osenny Bulvar 224built
Sparrow Hills Tower 623built2004
Golden Ring Swiss Diamond Hotel23built1970
Volgograd Avenue, 24-2624built2003
Kantemirovskaya Street, 2924built2001
LUKoil Building12built
Olympus, Tower 224built2004
Olympus, Tower 124built2004
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