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The first town was constructed around 800 A.D. The name "Moscow" was first mentioned in historical records around 1147 and incorporated as a city in 1156.

Moscow was the capital of Russia from 1328 to 1703 and returned to this status in 1918.

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Kutuzov's Riviera Tower 130built2008(1)
Vernadskogo Avenue, 12 Block 126built1985(1)
Contour Research Institute26built1990(1)
Lenin Avenue, 116-130built2001(1)
11 Building 3 1st Nagatinsky Dr.33built2010(1)
11 Building 2 1st Nagatinsky Dr.33built2010(1)
11 Building 1 1st Nagatinsky Dr.33built2010(1)
Scarlet Sails33built2001(1)
Grand Park 1833built2006(1)
Grand Park 1733built2006(1)
Grand Park 1633built2006(1)
Grand Park 1533built2006(1)
Lenin Avenue, 98-130built2002
Tower on Paveletskaya Plaza27built2003(1)
Northern Gates 230built2004
Northern Gates 130built2004
Two City Hall30proposed
Painters' Village30built2002(2)
MPS Complex Tower 127built2003
Main Interregional Center of Federal Servi...19built1980
The MID33under construction
City Hall33built1970(2)
Lenin Avenue, 92-130built2006
66 Aviatsionnaya St.34built2002(2)
Lenin Avenue, 128-130built2001(1)
Golden Gate26built2013
Tower 200030built2001(1)
Dubrovskaya Sloboda II29built2013
Dubrovskaya Sloboda I29built2013
Wellhouse at Dubrovka II29built2009
Wellhouse at Dubrovka I29built2009
Lenin Avenue, 106-130built2003(1)
Utyosov31under construction
Ulitsa Ulofa Palme 130built
Science 130built2004
Ulitsa Pererva 5926built2000(1)
Ulitsa Pererva 5726built2000(1)
Ulitsa Pererva 5526built2000(1)
Ulitsa Pererva 4326built2000(1)
Ulitsa Pererva 3926built2000(1)
Pererva Street 4126built2000(1)
Hotel Cosmos28built1979(1)
Dimitrovskoe Shosse 13-15 Block 330built2002
Dimitrovskoe Shosse 13-15 Block 230built2002
Dimitrovskoe Shosse 13-15 Block 130built2002
Two Yantarny Gorod29built2007
Three Yantarny Gorod29built2007
Hydroproject Building27built1968(1)
Sberbank Tower26built
21 New Arbat St.26built1967(1)
19 New Arbat St.26built1968(1)
15 New Arbat St.26built1968(1)
13 New Arbat St.26built1968(1)
Zenith22on hold(1)
Sky House B30built2014
Sky House A30built2014
Russian Oncological Research Center25built1979(1)
RANE Hotel #229built1983(1)
Four Yantarny Gorod28built2007
Five Yantarny Gorod28built2007
RANE Hotel #329built2012(1)
Zhulebinsky Bulvar 3328built2002(1)
Olympia Tower 129built2002(1)
Molodezhnaya Hotel27built1980(1)
Lenin Avenue, 131-13530built2005
Lenin Avenue, 123-12530built2005
Sparrow Hills Tower 428built2004
Prospekt Vernadskogo 86-827built
Saljut Hotel26built1980(1)
183 Building 2 Volgograd Av.24built2001(1)
Marshala Biryuzova 32 A20built1999(1)
Falcon's Nest Tlock 126built2002
Falcon's Nest Block 226built2002
Michurinsk Avenue, 8028built2003
Zolotie Cluchi 2 Block 327built2005
20 b. 1 Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya St.27built1981(1)
184 B. 2 Peace Avenue26built1968(2)
Ulitsa Verkhnie Polya 45-225built2004
Ulitsa Verkhnie Polya 45-125built2004
Ulitsa Verkhnie Polya 34-125built
Ulitsa Verkhnie Polya 14-125built2002
Ulitsa Guryanova 19-225built2001
Ulitsa Guryanova 19-125built2001
Ulitsa Guryanova 17-225built2000
Ulitsa Guryanova 17-125built2000
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering25built
Krasnodarskaya Ulitsa 7225built2004
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