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The first town was constructed around 800 A.D. The name "Moscow" was first mentioned in historical records around 1147 and incorporated as a city in 1156.

Moscow was the capital of Russia from 1328 to 1703 and returned to this status in 1918.

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Federation Tower95under construction(13)
Oko Towers [1]85under construction(1)
Mercury City Tower75built2013(5)
Steel Peak67under construction(2)
City of Capitals: Moscow76built2010(6)
17-18 Plot Of Moscow City65under construction(1)
15 Plot of Moscow City50on hold(1)
Naberezhnaya Tower C59built2007(5)
Triumph Palace57built2005(1)
City of Capitals: Saint Petersburg65built2010(4)
Evolution47under construction(2)
Oko Towers [2]49built2015
Imperia Tower60built2011(2)
Main Building of Moscow State University36built1953(4)
Crocus City Tower 145under construction
House on Mosfilmovskaya54built2011(2)
Ukraine Hotel34built1957(3)
Mirax Plaza Tower A47under construction(1)
Tricolor Tower A58built2014(1)
Tricolor Tower B58under construction(1)
Sparrow Hills Towers 1-349built2004(3)
Crocus City Holiday Inn Hotelproposed
Building on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment32built1952(2)
Scarlet Sails Block IV48built2003(3)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs27built1953(2)
Nordstar Tower42built2009(2)
Mirax Plaza Tower B41under construction(1)
IQ-Quarter Tower 239under construction(2)
SwissĂ´tel Krasnye Holmy35built2005(1)
WellHouse na Leninskom46built2010(3)
Kudrinskaya Square25built1954(2)
Nord Park A and B40built2010(1)
Avenue, 77 Block 343built2009(2)
Avenue, 77 Block 243built2009(2)
Avenue, 77 Block 143built2009(2)
Gazprom Building35built1995(3)
Building in Sokol'niki43built2008(1)
PFC CSKA Tower38under construction
Izmailov Park 237built2010(1)
Izmailov Park 137built2010(1)
Novoyasenevsky23on hold
Central House of Tourists33built1980(1)
Red Gate Square26built1953(3)
Setun Tower A39under construction
Hotel Leningradskaya26built1953(1)
House on Begovaya Tower 241built2008(1)
House on Begovaya Tower 141built2008(1)
Monte Falcone36built2008(1)
Semenov Side Street, 2135built2008(1)
Transport Terminal Tower 128under construction(1)
Sakharov Business Plaza27built2008
NII Delta Business Center26built(2)
Rublyovka Lights40built2013
Northern Tower27built2007(2)
World Trade Center 330built2009(1)
Vernadskogo Avenue, 4132built2008
One Yantarny Gorod39built2008
Olympia Tower 235built2004(1)
Naberezhnaya Tower B27built2005(1)
Setun Tower B36under construction
Tricolor Tower C36built2014
Krylatskie Ogni I36built2007
Airbus, Building 235built2008(1)
Airbus, Building 135built2006(1)
Emerald32under construction
VDNKh Tower35built2007(1)
Otel Tower36built2001
Academy of Sciences29built1989(2)
Radisson SAS Moscow33on hold
Gazoil City 133built2012
Gorod Tower35built2001
The White House20built1981(1)
Levoberezhny 8a-8b33under construction
Izmailov Park 430built2007
Izmailov Park 330built2007
Korona Air21built2006(1)
Teplichniy Pereulok, 4-831built(1)
House on Begovaya Tower 336built2007(1)
Kutuzov's Riviera Tower 430built2008(1)
Kutuzov's Riviera Tower 330built2008(1)
Kutuzov's Riviera Tower 230built2008(1)
Kutuzov's Riviera Tower 130built2008(1)
Vernadskogo Avenue, 12 Block 326built(1)
Vernadskogo Avenue, 12 Block 226built1999(1)
Vernadskogo Avenue, 12 Block 126built1985(1)
Lenin Avenue, 116-130built2001(1)
11 Building 3 1st Nagatinsky Dr.33built2010(1)
11 Building 2 1st Nagatinsky Dr.33built2010(1)
11 Building 1 1st Nagatinsky Dr.33built2010(1)
Scarlet Sails33built2001(1)
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