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Formerly known as Chengtu.

Centrally located in the western Sichuan Plain,Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province.

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Jinjiang Garden City28built
Jinmao Building25built2006
Busan International Tower A33built2007
Hongda International Plaza28built2007
Chengdu Post&Correspondence Dispatching&Co...24built
Tianfu Greenland28built2003
Tongyuan Building20built2007
Yunlong Building29built
Golden Plaza Tower 229built2007
Golden Plaza Tower 129built2007
Shangding International Tower28built2007
Air China Tower24built2007
Dongzhu Meidi30built
Sichuan Administration&Trade Management Ca...26built1988
Kempinski Hotel23built2003
Western China Business Tower23built2003
No. 29 Electronic Institute Of Information...built
Times Fasion22built2007
Duduhe River Basin Rundle Power Station Di...20built2007
Huayang New Century Square21built2006
Minshan Hotel21built1989
Wuding Garden 224built
Wuding Garden 124built
Longzhou Tower19built2007
Chengdu Long Distance Telecommunications H...21built1995
Gaopin Building19built2007
Chengdu International Commerce City18built2007
NOVA@World Square13built2004
Renheng Phase 270proposed
Zongfu Garden32built2003
Chengdu Chuang's Centre32built1999
Chengdu Private House31built2007
Wan He Garden D30built
Wan He Garden C30built
Sipeiju-Zhihua House30built
Shidai Jinjiang Mansion A30built
Jingtu Mansion30built2003
Chengdu Electronics Mansion30built
Youyi Square29built
Xiyu Mansion29built2000
Gangpeng Bank Centre Tower A29built2007
Zongbei International Tower D28built
Zongbei International Tower C28built
Zongbei International Tower B28built
Wan He Garden B28built
Wan He Garden A28built
Times Pride28built
Sichuan Radio&TV Shibaida Tower28built1998
Guojia Mansion28built1999
Fascinating Mansion28built
Da Ye Mansion28built
China Construction Bank Mansion28built
Chengdu Xinliang Hotel28built2000
Chengdu Wangfujing Commerical Mansion Tower B28built
Chengdu City Commercial Bank Mansion28built
Wain Garden26built
Taisheng Tower26built
Jindu Shaocheng New World26built2007
Fu River Apartment26built2001
Chengdu Ever Bright Finance Center26built2007
Changfu New Town Tower 126built
Water Hotel25built
Qinglong Tower25built1997
New Century Computer City25built
Golden Coast Garden25built
Gangpeng Bank Centre Tower B25built2007
Galaxy Dynasty Hotel25built1996
Chengdu Wangfujing Commerical Mansion Tower A25built
Chengdu Digital Square25built2002
Athens International Community25built
Zhengxi International Mansion24built2007
Xue Fu Garden24built
Shidai Jinjiang Mansion B24built
Jin Cheng Mansion24built
Hong Da Mansion24built
Chengdu Sofitel Accor Hotels & Resort24built2004
Chengdu Ertan Base Office Tower23built
Xinhua International Hotel22built
Shidu Tower22built
Modern Times City22built
Huayang Garden City Hotel22built
Haifa Building22built
Chengdu Ziwei Hotel22built
Chengdu Xing Long Yang Hotel22built1997
Chengdu Stock Tower22built
Wanxing Garden21built1996
East Times Plaza Tower B21built2007
Binfen Holidays21built2007
Tianfu Center20built2007
Quanxing Building Hotel20built
Himalaya Hotel20built1999
Chengdu Pearl International Hotel20built
Zongbei International Tower A19built
Times-Kaiyue Wing Tower19built1994
Qianjiang Platinum Age19built2007
Nanbo Commercial Mansion B19built
Nanbo Commercial Mansion A19built
Rixing Building18built
Lutianhua Hotel18built1999
Shengshi Nianhua17built2007
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