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Gettysburg is located in south-central Pennsylvania and has been the seat of Adams County since 1800. As the hub of six highways, the 19th century rural town flourished boasting its own college and a Seminary. The fame brought with the American Civil War battle and President Lincoln’s speech grew steadily culminating in the international spotlight resulting from President Eisenhower’s choice of Gettysburg as his home in the 1950s.

Over a century of preservation efforts by the citizens of Gettysburg make it possible for visitors to experience this rich history. Walking tours have been developed for visitors to experience what the populace endured during the 1863 battle. Although not all properties are open to the public, historic museums, restaurants, and shopping are located throughout the town.

Official website: http://www.gettysburg-pa.gov/

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Gettysburg Hotel6built1991
Adams County Courthouse2built1859