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A2Z Business-Tower21stale proposal
Lyoness Tower20stale proposal
Hochhaus Kärntnerstraße21built1968(1)
Alpha Tower21built1963(1)
Austria Telekom Technologiezentrum15built(1)
Media Center Graz15built2014(1)
Ungargasse 4015built
Lendplatz 2015built
Berliner Ring 7512built(1)
Berliner Ring 7312built(1)
Berliner Ring 7112built(1)
Berliner Ring 6112built(1)
Berliner Ring 212built(1)
St. Peter Pfarrweg 3017built
Kindermanngasse 4017built
Hanuschgasse 817built
Vinzenz Muchitsch-Strasse 6-6a16built1973
Ungargasse 4216built
Kärntner Strasse 218-22016built1974
Eggenberger Gürtel 7816built
St. Peter Pfarrweg 33d14built
St. Peter Pfarrweg 3214built
Kasernstrasse 7714built1971
Karlauer Gürtel 514built1969
Hans Brandstätter-Gasse 3114built
Dr. Robert Graf-Gasse 1014built
Schiessstattgasse 513built
Plüddemanngasse 7313built
Kasernstrasse 94-9613built
Kasernstrasse 90-9213built
Kasernstrasse 86-8813built
Kasernstrasse 82-8413built
Kasernstrasse 78-8013built
Kasernstrasse 74-7613built
Kasernstrasse 70-7213built
Triester Strasse 1012built
Strauchergasse 612built
Strauchergasse 24-2612built1955
Strauchergasse 1212built
Strauchergasse 1012built
Lazarettgasse 3412built1969
Karlauer Gürtel 212built1973
Froschaugasse 712built
Fabriksgasse 712built
Europaplatz 2012built
Dr. Robert Graf-Gasse 2512built
Dr. Robert Graf-Gasse 2312built