The largest city in Canada, Toronto plays a prominent role as the financial heart of the country. The city is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world and contains the world-famous CN Tower.

From its humble beginnings as a scattered collection of towns and village, most of which still provide a local flavour to their respective areas of the city, Toronto has grown tremendously and continues to grow. The City of Toronto contains a number of skylines, most notable being the CBD-Midtown, North York, and Scarborough.

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Commerce Court 364proposed(1)
Mirvish+Gehry Toronto - West Tower91proposed(1)
Union Park I58proposed(1)
Mirvish+Gehry Toronto - East Tower81proposed(2)
Sugar Wharf Tower B90proposed(1)
Sugar Wharf Tower C87proposed(1)
Chelsea Green Tower 385proposed(1)
Union Centre52proposed(2)
80 Bloor Street West79proposed(1)
One Yonge Street 280proposed(1)
Union Park II48proposed(1)
Sugar Wharf Tower A77proposed(1)
The Hub57proposed(1)
Cumberland Square 175proposed(1)
2 Carlton73proposed(1)
CIBC Square II53proposed(1)
1075 Bay66proposed(1)
Cumberland Square 261proposed(1)
145 Wellington Street West65proposed(1)
Humber Bay Village D171proposed(1)
Bell Trinity Square Tower70proposed(1)
8 Elm Street67proposed(1)
One Eglinton East65proposed(1)
Union Park III54proposed(1)
Cumberland Square 350proposed(1)
625 Church59proposed(1)
Humber Bay Village D261proposed(1)
Humber Bay Village C261proposed(1)
Humber Bay Village A261proposed(1)
Four Hundred - Tower One59proposed(1)
100 Simcoe56proposed(1)
1485 - 1535 Yonge 159proposed(1)
Humber Bay Village F160proposed(1)
Four Hundred - Tower Two57proposed(1)
475 Yonge Street - North Tower58proposed(1)
60 Queen East54proposed(1)
90 Eglinton East52proposed(1)
670 Progress 1A60proposed(2)
150 Pearl58proposed(1)
United Building52proposed(2)
55 Eglinton East50proposed(1)
10 Wellesley West55proposed(1)
250 University54proposed(1)
18 Dalhousie54proposed(1)
One Front East Tower49proposed(1)
10 St Mary Street51proposed(2)
250 Church54proposed(1)
Humber Bay Village E151proposed(1)
Humber Bay Village D451proposed(1)
4800 Yonge49proposed(1)
150 Eglinton East46proposed(1)
31A Parliament Street49proposed(1)
309 Cherry52proposed(1)
250 Dundas West49proposed(1)
603 Sherbourne53proposed(1)
120 Grangeway 253proposed(1)
One Front West Tower45proposed(1)
Union Park IV44proposed(1)
Chelsea Green Tower 248proposed(1)
475 Yonge Street - South Tower48proposed(1)
88 North - South Tower51proposed(1)
Wellesley Parliament Square51proposed(1)
3C Waterfront 150proposed(1)
Humber Bay Village A149proposed(1)
The G2 South50proposed(1)
6 Dawes Rd. 149proposed(1)
25 Mabelle Ave 249proposed(1)
Lakeside Residences 150proposed(1)
319 King West50proposed(1)
400 King Street West48proposed(1)
14 Duncan48proposed(1)
Ryerson Science Bldg.42proposed(1)
55 Mercer47proposed(1)
One Delisle44proposed(2)
1680 Brimley - Tower 447proposed(1)
Wynford Green 7b44proposed(1)
1 Scollard46proposed(1)
Charles at Church47proposed(1)
101 Spadina46proposed(1)
591 Sherbourne51proposed(1)
6 Dawes Rd. 246proposed(1)
670 Progress 448proposed(1)
5800 Yonge 144proposed(1)
One Yonge Street 435proposed(1)
The Saint45proposed(1)
120 Church45proposed(1)
Four Eleven King Condominiums45proposed(1)
125 George39proposed(1)
PRIME Condominiums46proposed(1)
808 Mt Pleasant44proposed(1)
50 Scollard42proposed(1)
327 Royal York44proposed(1)
RioCan Hall 242proposed(1)
110 Adelaide E42proposed(1)
20 Maitland45proposed(1)
1960 Eglinton E 245proposed(1)
1960 Eglinton E 145proposed(1)
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