The largest city in Canada, Toronto plays a prominent role as the financial heart of the country. The city is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world and contains the world-famous CN Tower.

From its humble beginnings as a scattered collection of towns and village, most of which still provide a local flavour to their respective areas of the city, Toronto has grown tremendously and continues to grow. The City of Toronto contains a number of skylines, most notable being the CBD-Midtown, North York, and Scarborough.

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Sky Tower at Pinnacle One Yonge95under construction(8)
The One85under construction(11)
YSL Residences85under construction(2)
CIBC Square II53under construction(1)
160 Front46under construction(1)
CIBC Square I49under construction(1)
Canada House 169under construction(1)
Sugar Wharf Tower D70under construction(1)
Sugar Wharf Tower E65under construction(1)
The Prestige at Pinnacle One Yonge65under construction(1)
33 Yorkville Avenue68under construction(1)
11/YV62under construction(1)
Canada House 259under construction(1)
19 Duncan Street58under construction(1)
Rosedale on Bloor55under construction(1)
Water's Edge at Cove56under construction(1)
United Building52under construction(2)
Vita on the Lake53under construction(1)
The Well Office Tower38under construction(1)
Teahouse Condominiums South52under construction(1)
Eight Cumberland51under construction(3)
Social52under construction(1)
88 North - South Tower51under construction(1)
55C48under construction(1)
The Well Residential One46under construction(1)
Lakeside Residences 150under construction(1)
E2 at E Place46under construction(1)
Theatre District Residences South49under construction(1)
Nobu Hotel & Residences West49under construction(1)
Nobu Hotel & Residences East49under construction(1)
Theatre District Residences North48under construction(1)
Yonge + Rich46under construction(1)
The PJ Condos50under construction(1)
55 Mercer47under construction(1)
Charles at Church47under construction(1)
Maverick47under construction(1)
Peter and Adelaide48under construction(1)
The Saint46under construction(1)
The Gloucester on Yonge44under construction(1)
357 King West42under construction(1)
Via Bloor46under construction(2)
50 Scollard42under construction(1)
Auberge on the Park45under construction(1)
Bay-Adelaide North Tower32under construction(3)
Central Condominiums46under construction(1)
Via Bloor 238under construction(2)
The Well Residential Two38under construction(1)
Bloor Promenade44under construction(1)
The Westward40under construction(1)
Chateau Auberge39under construction(1)
Parkside Square [3]43under construction(1)
Halo on Yonge38under construction(1)
Artists' Alley One39under construction(1)
Valhalla Town Square 344under construction(1)
215 Lake Shore East 240under construction(1)
Garrison Point Tower 139under construction(1)
River & Fifth38under construction(1)
Y&S Condos36under construction(1)
89 Roehampton Avenue38under construction(1)
The Parker37under construction(1)
The Taylor36under construction(1)
Pearl Place Condominiums34under construction(1)
Artists' Alley Two36under construction(1)
Novus @ Garrison Point I34under construction(1)
Mirabella Condominiums II35under construction(1)
Mirabella Condominiums I35under construction(1)
King's Landing at Concord Park Place 135under construction(1)
KSquare East34under construction(1)
LCBO Tower at Sugar Wharf25under construction(1)
M2M 236under construction(1)
The Ivy34under construction(1)
159SW35under construction(1)
CityLights on Broadway II34under construction(2)
CityLights on Broadway I34under construction(2)
36 Zorra35under construction(1)
Seasons Condominiums36under construction(1)
Valhalla Town Square 240under construction(1)
Ontario Court of Justice Toronto17under construction(1)
Max Condominiums36under construction(1)
Line 5 Condominiums 136under construction(1)
Hyatt Place35under construction(1)
Parkside Square [2]34under construction(1)
King's Landing at Concord Park Place 232under construction(1)
M2M 134under construction(1)
U of T-Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre20under construction(1)
Azura32under construction(1)
Plaza Midtown II34under construction(1)
KSquare West31under construction(1)
Panda Condominiums30under construction(1)
Saisons Condominiums33under construction(1)
The Peak33under construction(1)
Fortune at Fort York32under construction(1)
Line 5 Condominiums 233under construction(1)
Daniels Artworks Tower33under construction(1)
Ellie Condominium31under construction(1)
Rodeo Drive Condominiums 132under construction(1)
EQ Bank Tower22under construction(1)
Valhalla Town Square 133under construction(1)
Theory Condominiums30under construction(1)
Time And Space Condominiums29under construction(1)
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