The largest city in Canada, Toronto plays a prominent role as the financial heart of the country. The city is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world and contains the world-famous CN Tower.

From its humble beginnings as a scattered collection of towns and village, most of which still provide a local flavour to their respective areas of the city, Toronto has grown tremendously and continues to grow. The City of Toronto contains a number of skylines, most notable being the CBD-Midtown, North York, and Scarborough.

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980 Lansdowne 129proposed(1)
1380 Midland Avenue - Tower G223proposed(1)
U of T: Spadina & Sussex Residence23proposed(1)
Trinity Ravine Towers East25proposed(1)
580 Evans Avenue - East Tower24proposed(1)
1380 Midland Avenue - Tower D224proposed(1)
2444 Yonge 127proposed(1)
325 Bogert Block 525proposed(1)
The Ravine - West Tower23proposed(1)
The Ravine - East Tower23proposed(1)
Grand Park Village - Building B23proposed(1)
2500 Yonge21proposed(1)
300 The East Mall 323proposed(1)
2444 Yonge 225proposed(1)
3000 Dufferin Addition23proposed(1)
670 Progress 1B23proposed(1)
5959 Yonge Street Building D25proposed
1 Eglinton Square - Block C - Tower 225proposed(1)
1 Eglinton Square - Block B25proposed(1)
1061 The Queensway - Tower 222proposed
Richview Square 122proposed(1)
1380 Midland Avenue - Tower H21proposed
Upper East Village 121proposed
200 Soudan Avenue24proposed
4000 Eglinton Avenue West - Tower D21proposed(1)
Portland Commons16proposed
1380 Midland Avenue - Tower B121proposed
The Galleria 719proposed
The Galleria 2-3C19proposed
The Galleria 1B19proposed
675 Progress 422proposed(1)
Bay and Edward Condos - Tower 122proposed
1001 The Queensway Tower 120proposed
325 Bogert Block 621proposed(1)
325 Bogert Block 321proposed(1)
325 Bogert Block 221proposed(1)
325 Bogert Block 121proposed(1)
1880 Eglinton Block D220proposed
Aqualuna at Bayside19proposed
The Bread Company19proposed
Bay and Edward Condos - Tower 219proposed
XO Condominiums II17proposed
Upper East Village 218proposed
24 Mercer Street17proposed
The Quay Central20proposed(1)
Belmont Fisherville Towers 419proposed(1)
149 Bathurst19proposed
The Woodsworth18proposed
859 Eglinton West16proposed
228 Wilson17proposed
Grand Park Village - Building A16proposed
East Junction Condominiums II17proposed
East Junction Condominiums I17proposed
1181 Queen West15proposed
Express Condos on the Subway II16proposed
Express Condos on the Subway I16proposed
The Ravine - Phase 315proposed
Ellie Office11proposed
1880 Eglinton Block I216proposed
1880 Eglinton Block I116proposed
Bijou Condominiums14proposed
XO Condominiums I14proposed
Vivo Condominiums17proposed
Sunnybrook Plaza - Building A16proposed
Riverside Square 2a14proposed
6 Noble Street14proposed
Main Square 415proposed(1)
1061 The Queensway - Tower 314proposed
Me Condominiums Phase 216proposed
58 Atlantic10proposed
18 Eastern Avenue13proposed
328 Dupont West Tower15proposed
485 Wellington Street West14proposed
KING Toronto12proposed
Express Condos on the Subway III13proposed
1001 The Queensway Tower 412proposed
1001 The Queensway Tower 312proposed
1001 The Queensway Tower 212proposed
2525 Bathurst Street13proposed
3268 Finch Avenue East12proposed
West Condos14proposed
Grand Park Village - Building CD12proposed
815 Eglinton East - Building C112proposed
86 John Street8proposed
Highland Condominiums12proposed
Spirits Condominiums II12proposed
170 Spadina12proposed
Pier 27 V13proposed
Pier 27 IV13proposed
5959 Yonge Street Building E13proposed
245 Sheppard Avenue West11proposed
The Keeley12proposed
Uovo Boutique Residences11proposed
346 Eglinton Avenue West10proposed
The Cardiff11proposed
Sunnybrook Plaza - Building B11proposed
1380 Midland Avenue - Tower B28proposed
1880 Eglinton Block F210proposed
25 Thunder Grove12proposed
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