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Listing 301 to 356 of 356 buildings
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Chang-Gu Renoir B14built1998
Chang-Gu Renoir A14built1998
Highwealth - Yucheng Rich City B15built2004
Highwealth - Yucheng Rich City A15built2004
YuYu Wu-Jia Mansion B14built1997
YuYu Wu-Jia Mansion A14built1997
Yungshin Roman Holiday14built2000
Dinyue Flower Garden C14built1998
Dinyue Flower Garden B14built1998
Dinyue Flower Garden A14built1998
YuYu Oriental Milan13built1992
YuYu Wisdom Constellation Office Building12built1989
Yungshin Breeze Garden14built2003
Kaohsiung Medical University - First Teach...13built2003
Yungshin Zhi-Shan-Tian-Xia B14built1996
Yungshin Zhi-Shan-Tian-Xia A14built1996
Yungshin Great Doctor14built1996
Yungshin Fong-Zhong-Qi-Yuan B14built1997
Yungshin Fong-Zhong-Qi-Yuan A14built1997
Fu-Mao Fu Lian Tian13built2004
Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital - Me...11built1986
Kaohsiung Arena6built2008
Yungshin Living Museum13built
Yungshin Li-Yuan B12built1994
Yungshin Li-Yuan A12built1994
Yungshin Kai-Xi-Ren-Sheng C12built1995
Yungshin Kai-Xi-Ren-Sheng B12built1995
Yungshin Kai-Xi-Ren-Sheng A12built1995
Yungshin Yi-Yuan13built1998
Yungshin Green Museum13built
Yungshin Park Oasis C12built1993
Yungshin Park Oasis B12built1993
Yungshin Park Oasis A12built1993
Yungshin Bai-Shi-Ke-Le C12built1994
Yungshin Bai-Shi-Ke-Le B12built1994
Yungshin Ju-Guang Versailles B12built1989
Yungshin Ju-Guang Versailles A12built1989
Yungshin Bai-Shi-Ke-Le A12built1994
Yungshin City Life B12built1993
Yungshin City Life A12built1993
National Science and Technology Museumbuilt1998
YuYu Siwei Landscape12built1989
Highwealth - King Castle37proposed
Jian-Mei Town II - Lake and Mountain Spring B20built1995
Jian-Mei Vancouver17built1992
YuYu Breeze Karuizawa16built2004
Type Sunging B16built2008
Type Sunging A16built2008
Dinyue Mind Garden C16built1994
Yungshin Spring Tree Complex15built2005
Type Liberty D15built2003
Type Liberty C15built2003
Type Liberty B15built2003
Type Liberty A15built2003
Yungshin Lingya Champs14built2005
Dinyue Wei-Wu Country Apartment Complex14built1997
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