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Dinyue Mind Garden C16built1994
Cathay Life Zhong-Zeng Office Tower II18built1992(1)
Jian-Mei Town I - Lakeshore Garden B18built1994
Jian-Mei Town I - Lakeshore Garden A18built1994
Chang-Gu Waltz C18built1994
Chang-Gu Waltz B18built1994
Chang-Gu Waltz A18built1994
Highwealth - Apricot Lake16built2007
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Kaohsiung Zuoying12built2010(1)
TALEE'S Star Place10built2008
Chang-Gu Ji-Fu B17built1994
Chang-Gu Ji-Fu A17built1994
Type D&G 216built2005
Type D&G 116built2005
Pau Jar - Mount Clarity F & G16built2008
Pau Jar - Mount Clarity A & B16built2008
Cathay Life Zhong-Hwa Office Tower15built1987(1)
Cathay Life Yen-Cheng Office Tower14built1992
Yungshin MRT Star16built2005
Yungshin Ming-Hua B16built2007
Yungshin Ming-Hua A16built2007
Yungshin Chun-Feng-De-Yi-Shi16built2005
Type MoMA 216built2007(1)
Type MoMA 116built2007(1)
Highwealth Min-Sheng-Fu-Yun16built2008
Highwealth - Yang Ming Landis16built2005
Fu-Mao Zhan Shang16built2009
Fu-Mao Ding Zhan16built2009
Dinyue Mind Garden B16built1994
Dinyue Mind Garden A16built1994
Chang-Gu New Movement B16built1996
Chang-Gu New Movement A16built1996
YuYu Petek Phelipe B15built2006
YuYu Petek Phelipe A15built2006
YuYu Patek of Rarity Jade C15built2009
YuYu Patek of Rarity Jade B15built2009
YuYu Patek of Rarity Jade A15built2009
Dinyue Art Elegant Building15built2006
Fu-Mao Original Cast A16built2008
Kaohsiung Medical University - Second Teac...13built2011
The Grand Hotel Kaohsiung5built1971(1)
Yungshin Kaohsiung Museum No.2-D16built2005
Yungshin Kaohsiung Museum No.2-C16built2005
Yungshin Kaohsiung Museum No.2-B16built2005
Yungshin Kaohsiung Museum No.2-A16built2005
Fu-Mao Jing Zhan16built2008
Fu-Mao Dream Generation16built2006
Fu-Mao Dream Flight16built2006
Yungshin Yang Zhe B16built2007
Yungshin Yang Zhe A16built2007
Fu-Mao Shui Lian Tian16built
Yungshin Star Light15built2006
Ji-Song Xi-Hua-Jing-Dian15built2007
YuYu Hangzhou B16built1993
YuYu Hangzhou A16built1993
YuYu Garden Karuizawa16built2004
Yungshin Literature Boulevard16built2009
Highwealth - New Sensibility Academy16built2005
Dinyue Cambridge-Waterfront City Building B16built1996
Dinyue Cambridge-Waterfront City Building A16built1996
YuYu North Karuizawa15built2004
Yungshin Spring Tree Complex15built2005
Yungshin MRT Purity15built2005
Type Liberty D15built2003
Type Liberty C15built2003
Type Liberty B15built2003
Type Liberty A15built2003
Fu-Mao Original Cast C15built2008
Fu-Mao Original Cast B15built2008
Fu-Mao Cai Xiang Tian15built2006
Chang-Gu Schubert B15built1995
Chang-Gu Schubert A15built1995
Kaohsiung Medical University - New Student...14built2003
Highwealth - Wujia New Aspect14built2007
Dinyue Art Green Villa14built2007
YuYu International Port Office Building13built1990
Kaohsiung City Hall12built1992
Type Style B16built2005
Type Style A16built2005
Type Shang-He-Ti D16built2009
Type Shang-He-Ti C16built2009
Type Shang-He-Ti B16built2009
Type Shang-He-Ti A16built2009
Type NEWS B16built2008
Type NEWS A16built2008
Type Esthetics B16built2006
Type Esthetics A16built2006
Type Wu-Jia First15built1999
Type TOP15built1999
Type Shang Hai15built2008
Type Nanjing Boulevard14built1997
Type Meishu N1 C14built2004
Type Meishu N1 B14built2004
Type Meishu N1 A14built2004
Yungshin MRT Cheng-Pin15built2004
Highwealth - Cultural Essence15built2007
Fu-Mao Cai Yun Tian15built2003
Fu-Mao Cai Yang Tian A15built2005
Dinyue Rodin15built1994
YuYu Kangzhuang Family16built1991
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