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Listing 101 to 200 of 356 buildings
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Yungshin Zhi-Shan-Yi-Pin B28built2007
Cathay Life Shr-Wei Office Tower20built1992(1)
Wang-Xiang World Trade Building24built1990(1)
Chang-Gu 2000 Tower B27built2000(1)
Chang-Gu 2000 Tower A27built2000(1)
King's Museum B25built2008(1)
King's Museum A25built2008(1)
Kaohsiung City Financial Services Building22built(1)
Zheng-Nan World Trade Building24built1993(1)
Chang-Gu National Concert Hall Tower B26built1998(1)
Dinyue Tangerine Garden23built2003
Pau Jar - Mount Clarity D24built2008
National Park Tycoon Tower E26built1992
National Park Tycoon Tower D26built1992
National Park Tycoon Tower C26built1992
National Park Tycoon Tower B26built1992
National Park Tycoon Tower A&F26built1992
Guo-Jia Art Plaza24built1991
Metropolitan Hotel22built1992
Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung25built2010(1)
Chang-Gu Venice C26built1994
Chang-Gu Venice B26built1994
Chang-Gu Venice A26built1994
Henry King B24built1997(1)
Henry King A24built1997(1)
Dinyue Sunlight C22built1999(1)
Dinyue Sunlight B22built1999(1)
Dinyue Sunlight A22built1999(1)
Cathay Life Zhong-Zeng Office Tower I20built1985(1)
Ambassador Hotel24built(1)
Yungshin Country D23built1997(1)
Yungshin Country C23built1997(1)
Yungshin Country B23built1997(1)
Yungshin Country A23built1997(1)
Hyatt King C23built1995(1)
Hyatt King B23built1995(1)
Hyatt King A23built1995(1)
Lun Yang Apartment Building24built1993
Jian-Mei City23built1997
Yu Hua Yuan (Yu Garden Residence) A20built2008(1)
Typhone Dee-Men Building20built1993(1)
Global Business Building20built1993(1)
Chang-Gu National Concert Hall Tower C24built1998(1)
Kaohsiung Jie-Zuo D23built1999(1)
Kaohsiung Jie-Zuo C23built1999(1)
Kaohsiung Jie-Zuo B23built1999(1)
Kaohsiung Jie-Zuo A23built1999(1)
Chang-Gu Rich Green Country23built1998
Chang-Gu Vienna DC Building A21built1993
Pau Jar - Mount Clarity E20built2008
Pau Jar - Mount Clarity C20built2008
Qi-Yu River.sky and Green20built2008
Highwealth - Odaiba Machi20built2008
Chang-Gu Vienna DC Building C20built1993
Chang-Gu Vienna DC Building B20built1993
Yu Hua Yuan (Yu Garden Residence) B18built2008(1)
Pacific SOGO Kaohsiung16built1996(1)
Chang-Gu Rich Beautiful Country B21built1998
Chang-Gu Rich Beautiful Country A21built1998
Jian-Mei Town II - Lake and Mountain Spring A20built1995
Chang-Gu Swan Lake C20built1991
Chang-Gu Swan Lake B20built1991
Chang-Gu Swan Lake A20built1991
Chang-Gu Art Miracle17built1999
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Kaohsiung Sanduo15built1993(1)
Cathay Life Zhong-Zeng Office Tower II18built1992(1)
Jian-Mei Town I - Lakeshore Garden B18built1994
Jian-Mei Town I - Lakeshore Garden A18built1994
Chang-Gu Waltz C18built1994
Chang-Gu Waltz B18built1994
Chang-Gu Waltz A18built1994
Highwealth - Apricot Lake16built2007
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Kaohsiung Zuoying12built2010(1)
TALEE'S Star Place10built2008
Chang-Gu Ji-Fu B17built1994
Chang-Gu Ji-Fu A17built1994
Type D&G 216built2005
Type D&G 116built2005
Pau Jar - Mount Clarity F & G16built2008
Pau Jar - Mount Clarity A & B16built2008
Cathay Life Zhong-Hwa Office Tower15built1987(1)
Cathay Life Yen-Cheng Office Tower14built1992
Yungshin MRT Star16built2005
Yungshin Ming-Hua B16built2007
Yungshin Ming-Hua A16built2007
Yungshin Chun-Feng-De-Yi-Shi16built2005
Type MoMA 216built2007(1)
Type MoMA 116built2007(1)
Highwealth Min-Sheng-Fu-Yun16built2008
Highwealth - Yang Ming Landis16built2005
Fu-Mao Zhan Shang16built2009
Fu-Mao Ding Zhan16built2009
Dinyue Mind Garden B16built1994
Dinyue Mind Garden A16built1994
Chang-Gu New Movement B16built1996
Chang-Gu New Movement A16built1996
YuYu Petek Phelipe B15built2006
YuYu Petek Phelipe A15built2006
YuYu Patek of Rarity Jade C15built2009
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