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James Robertson Apartments12built1929
The Hermitage Suite Hotel11built1910
Oxford House11built1961
Saint Thomas Hospital - Medical Plaza East10built
Beverly Briley Building6built2006
Windsor Towers12built1967
Windlands East12built
University Square Condominiums12built
Nashville Christian Towers12built
Hilton Suites Nashville Downtown12built2000
Doubletree Hotel Nashville12built
Morgan House11built1962
Lewis House11built1962
International Plaza10built1975
25th Avenue Garage11built
Twenty and Grand Apartments10built
Metro Davidson Courthouse10built1937
Cordell Hull State Office Building10built1954
Thompson Hotel12built2016
Kelly Miller Smith Towers11built
Embassy Suites Hotel Nashville at Vanderbilt11built2001
The Imperial House12built
The West End11built2007
Metro Manor Apartments11built1956
Madison Towers11built1970
Clarion Hotel11built
Regal Maxwell House10built1979
625 Benton Avenue10built
Old Hickory Towers11built
Chippington Towers I11built
I.W. Gernert Homes10built1965
Chippington Towers II11built
Wedgewood Towers10built
Meharry Towers10built1971
Life & Casualty Building10built
Hadley Park Towers10built1970
Wyndham Union Station4built1900
Tennessee State Capitol3built1859(1)
Grand Ole Opry Housebuilt1975(1)
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