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RubyLand Apartments18built2007
Somerset Chancellor Court17built1997
Saigon Riverside Office17built(1)
Legend Hotel16built
New World Hotel Saigon15built
My Phuoc III18built2005
My Phuoc II18built2005
My Phuoc I18built2005
Mieu Noi Apartments18built2000
Dat Phuong Nam Block 218built2006
Dat Phuong Nam Block 118built2006
Sky Garden Phase 1 Building 917built2005
Sky Garden Phase 1 Building 817built2005
Sky Garden Phase 1 Building 717built2005
Sky Garden Phase 1 Building 617built2005
Sky Garden Phase 1 Building 517built2005
Sky Garden Phase 1 Building 417built2005
Sky Garden Phase 1 Building 317built2005
Sky Garden Phase 1 Building 217built2005
Sky Garden Phase 1 Building 117built2005
Saigon Mansion17built2007
RSC Norfolk Mansion17built
Park View Apartments II17built2005
Park View Apartments I17built2005
My Phuc Apartments17built2006
348 Ben Van Don17built2007
Thuan Viet16built2007
Thao Dien River View16built2007
The Ki 21 Apartments21built2006
Thi Nghe Estate II Building D16built2004
Thi Nghe Estate II Building C16built2005
Thi Nghe Estate I Building C16built
Phu Tho Hoa Apartments16built2006
Palace Hotel16built1972
Luong Ding Cua Apartments16built2005
Hoang Anh Apartments16built
Daewon Cantavil III16built2006
Daewon Cantavil II16built2006
Daewon Cantavil I16built2006
An Cu Apartments16built2006
25D Nguyen Van Dau16built2006
203 Nguyen Trai16built2008
Tan Tao Apartments B15built2006
Tan Tao Apartments A15built2006
Sky Garden Apartments15built
Phu Tho Hoa Apartment Tower 215built2006
Ngo Gia Tu Zone D Phase 115built2006
Khanh Hoi Apartments II15built2004
HUD Apartments15built2004
Hoang Dieu Apartments15built
167 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen15built2006
General Science Library14built1972
Blooming Park Tower 128built2009
Bình Phú Apartments III19built2007
Bình Phú Apartments II19built2007
Bình Phú Apartments I19built2007
Happy Valley Building B-Fbuilt
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