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Metropolitian Area Cities
Yokohama is in the metropolitian area of Tokyo.
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Though its history is recent, Yokohama is now the second largest city in Japan and technically the largest true city. Since the fifteenth century Yokohama had been a quiet fishing village, but when Japan opened its borders at the end of the Edo period, the port of Yokohama was constructed and became the centre of foreign trade, and growth in the city was quick. Despite being destroyed twice in the past 100 years (once during the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and again during the Second World War), the city has always found ways to rebuild and move forward.

Yokohama became a city designated by government ordinance on September 1st, 1956.

Ward List: Aoba-ku, Asahi-ku, Izumi-ku, Isogo-ku, Kanagawa-ku, Kanazawa-ku, Kohoku-ku, Konan-ku, Sakae-ku, Seya-ku, Tsuzuki-ku, Tsurumi-ku, Totsuka-ku, Naka-ku, Nishi-ku, Hodogaya-ku, Midori-ku, Minami-ku

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Listing 1 to 76 of 76 buildings
Landmark Tower70built1993(5)
Block 40 Development Project (South Tower)61cancelled
Block 40 Development Project (North Tower)61cancelled
Yokohama Kitakanadori North District Redev...60under construction
Yokohama I-Land Tower B41proposed
Queen's Tower A36built1997(3)
Bay Quarter31built2009(1)
The Bank of Yokohama Head Office28built1993(2)
Mitsui Building30built2012(1)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Yokohama Building33built1994(2)
Nabeaure Yokohama Tower Residence41built2007(1)
Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel42built1992(2)
The Yokohama Towers (West Tower)42built2001(1)
The Yokohama Towers (East Tower)42built2003(1)
Park Tower Yokohama Station Premier36built2007(1)
Yokohama Grand Inter-Continental Hotel31built1991(2)
Queen's Tower B28built1997(3)
Yokohama Station West Entrance Station Bui...26under construction
New Japan Oil Building30built1997(1)
Yokohama Sky Building29built1996(1)
Yokohama Resource Recycling Board Kanazawa...8built2001
Yokohama Resource Recycling Board Tsuzuki ...built1984
M/M Grand Central Tower26built2011(1)
Orto Yokohama Building D40built2000
Yokohama I-Land Tower27built2002(1)
Island Tower27built2003
Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers27built1998(1)
Yumeooka Office Tower26built1997(1)
Queen's Tower C21built1997(3)
Roa Building 133built1994(1)
M.M. Towers Foresis-R30built2007(1)
M.M. Towers Foresis-L30built2007(1)
New City Higashi-Totsuka Le Parc Ciel32built2002
New City Higashi-Totsuka Towers City 1st29built1990
Pan-Pacific Hotel Yokohama25built1997(1)
Fujisoft ABC Sakuragicho Building21built2004
Yokohama Media Tower23built1999(1)
New City Higashi-Totsuka Be TOWER32built2004
New City Higashi-Totsuka Park Tower32built2005
Yokohama Tenri Building27built1972
Yokohama Scenery Tower30built2003
Yokohama Helios Tower30built2004
M.M. Towers the West30built2003(1)
M.M. Towers the South30built2003(1)
M.M. Towers the East30built2003(1)
Yokohama Techno Tower22built
M.M. Mid Square The Tower Residence31built2007(1)
Branz Tower Minato Mirai29built2017
Nissan Motors Global Headquarters22built2009(1)
Gracia Tower Futamatagawa28under construction
Cross Gate25built2000(1)
Fuji Xerox R&D Square20built2010(1)
Blue Harbor Tower Minato Mirai Tower I27built2017
Yokohama No. 2 Joint Government Office Bui...23built1996(1)
Higashi-Totsuka Education Center23built1992
Arte Yokohama27built
Nissan Yokohama Building22built1991
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters20built
Yokohama Euro Tower27built2004
Yokohama Dia Tower25built2003
Tokiwa Shin-Yokohama Building20built1993
Yokohama Nomura Building17built2017
Yokohama Business Park NRI Tower21built1990
Yokohama Tower-Ring Square TheWest25built2005
Yokohama Tower-Ring Square TheEast25built2005
Mitsubishi Juko Portside Building25built
Blue Harbor Tower Minato Mirai Tower II20built2017
Yokohama Creation Square20built1988(1)
Urafune Hospital and Municipal Medical Uni...15built1999
Silhouette Tower Yokohama26built2002
Park Square Yokohama23built2001
Technowave 10017built1990
Yokohama Sky Heights Tokai25built1979
Minato Mirai Block 21 & 32 Project Office ...17under construction
TEPCO Yokohama Thermal Power Plant Steam P...built
TEPCO Yokohama Thermal Power Plant ACC Pow...built1998