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A city of east-central China on the Chang Jiang (Yangtze River). It is the industrial and commercial center of central China.

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Sanyang Square 133built
Hanfei Riverside International 232built2008
Hanfei Riverside International 132built2008
New Beacon International Hotel30built
Huazhong Power Bureau Science Building28built1999
Yangtze River Building28built1997
Wuhan Plaza Apartment Tower 234built1997
Wuhan Plaza Apartment Tower 134built1997
Ruitang Plaza Tower B28built(1)
Ruitang Plaza Tower A28built(1)
Zhengxin Building28built
Xinye Building33built
Hubei Tobacco Building27built1990
Wuhan Jinjiang International Hotel31built2007(1)
Taibei Mingju30built
Liangyou Hotel30built
Wuhan Commerical Bank Building Tower A28built
Gao Xiong Hotel28built
Air Force Radar Academybuilt
Jinjin Garden B28built
Jinjin Garden A28built
Holiday Inn Tian An Wuhan28built2001
Wuhan Yangtze River Shipping Square31built
Wuhan Real Estate Trading Mansion25built
Foolproof City Project Tower 229proposed
Wuxin Building29built
Zhonghuan Mansion32built2002
Yijing Garden30built
Shangri-La Hotel21built1999
Huazhong Power Financial Building20built1999
River City Phase 231built
Jinse Huafu Tower 531built
Jinse Huafu Tower 431built
Yincheng Building24built
Diamond Plaza30built
Wuhan No.2 Telecommunication Hub Building21built2003
Zhongya Hotel24built1996
Yamao Plaza Residential Building24built
Chuangfu Commercial Association24built
Yuji-Tianxian Tower29built
Xinhongji Ganden30built
Junhua Garden28built2005
Junhua Edifice Tower B28built
Junhua Edifice Tower A28built
Office Building for Zhongnan Auto Trading ...23built
Holiday Inn Qing Chuan Hotel25built1983(1)
Qingshan Square27built
Hubei Construction Building22built
Liyuan Apartment24built1998
Wuhan Custom Building4built1924
Wuhan Evening Newspaper Residential&&Print...26built
Jianghan District Government Office Building21built
Poly White-Rose Hotel21built
Yangtze River Daily Office Building22built
Wuhan Taihua Building21built2000
Sibao Building21built
Best Western Mayflower Hotel23built2003
Administrative Building of Education Commi...19built
Wuhan Film Art Centre15built
Fushang Building for Wuhan Non-staple Food...20built
Wuhan Guomin Building21built
Zhongnan M&E Building19built
Telecommunication Building12built1980
Wuhan Fareast Garden D20built
Guangxi Tower16built1998
Duofu Electrical Appliances Mansion15built
Changhai Hotel17built1996
Hubei Jiuye Mansion16built1998
Zhuyeshan Tower15built
Noble Jasper Hotel52proposed
Hongyuan International Hotel35proposed
Wuchang Sapphire Building29proposed
Wuhan Asia Hotel28built1993
Minyi Plaza Tower A28built
Center-South Computer Technology Building28built
Xunlimen Hotel26built1989
Longfeng Building26built
Hubei Construction Tower 226proposed
Hubei Construction Tower 126proposed
Changyin Building26built
Sihai Building22built
United International20built
Holiday Inn Riverside Wuhan20built1999
Yinjie Building19built
Xiling Building19built
Sanjiu International Hotel19built2003
Phoenix Mansion19built
Jinbao Building19built
Industrial&Commercial Bank of China, Wuhan...19built
Tongxin Business Mansion18built
Jinfeng Building18built1996
Gangao Center Business Hotel18built
Tianyuan Business Mansion17built
Hubei Yinfeng Hotel17built1994
Wuhan Evening Newspaper Residential&&Print...10built
Huanghe Tower5built1985(1)
Wuhan Librarybuilt
Wanda Reign Wuhanbuilt2014
Wanda Realm Wuhanbuilt
Hyatt Regency Wuhan Optics Valleybuilt
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