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Formerly known as Pusan.

A city of extreme southeast South Korea on Korea Strait southeast of Seoul. It developed into a major port during the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945).

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The Sharp Centum Park 20540built2005
The Sharp Centum Park 20340built2005
The Sharp Centum Park 20140built2005
Daewoo Trumpworld Marin B42built2007
Busan Hyperion Tower B41built2006
Busan Hyperion Tower A41built2006
Haeundae Iaan Exordium 10331built2009
Haeundae Iaan Exordium 10231built2009
AID Sea Colony Tower 10135built2013
Hanhwa Resort Hotel32built2000(1)
Modern Benecity 10236built2005
Daewoo Trumpworld Centum B39built2007(1)
Daewoo Trumpworld Centum A39built2007(1)
Golden Sweet Tower38built2006(1)
KNN Tower28built2013
AID Sea Colony Tower 20335built2013
Citizen's Fund Hall25built2002(1)
Han-ill Ordu Tower34built2007
Busan City Hall28built2001
Busan Towerbuilt
Modern Camellia B32built2001
Modern Camellia A32built2001
Modern Benecity 10432built2005
Modern Benecity 10332built2005
Modern Benecity 10132built2005
Munhyun Tower36built1998
Kukje Daily News Headquarters27built1992(1)
Seacloud Hotel31built
Minrak Dream World Tower 827built2003
Minrak Dream World Tower 727built2003
Minrak Dream World Tower 627built2003
Minrak Dream World Tower 527built2003
Daewoo Trumpworld Marina D30built2007
Daewoo Trumpworld Marina C30built2007
Haeundae Grand Hotel22built1996
Donga Life Insurance Building22built1997(1)
Shinsegae Centum City14built2009
Cinema Centrebuilt2012
Ocean Tower20built1999
Busan Marriott Hotel16built1988
Busan International Finance Center - KIBO ...15built2011
Korea Land Co. Busan Headquarters16built1994
Haeundae Glory Condo18built
Dongbang Securities Building15built1992
The Westin Chosun Hotel9built1978
The Beachville Tower 256cancelled
The Beachville Tower 156cancelled
Haeundae Mixed Use Tower 550cancelled
Haeundae Mixed Use Tower 450cancelled
Haeundae Mixed Use Tower 350cancelled
Haeundae Mixed Use Tower 250cancelled
Haeundae Mixed Use Tower 150cancelled
Dynasty 21 Tower 137built2002
Busan Terminal Complex36cancelled
Songdo S-Mixed Use34built2003
X-Zone Electronics Distribution Center33on hold
Hill Tower 333built1999
Hill Tower 233built1999
Hill Tower 133built1999
Dynasty 21 Tower 230built2002
Nampo Mixed Use27built2001
Samsung Life Insurance Building26built1997
Aliantz-Jaeil Life Insurance Building26built1998
Lucky Life Insurance Building25built1995
Yuwon Gold Tower24built1994
Mikwang Apartment Tower 623built1992
Mikwang Apartment Tower 523built1992
Mikwang Apartment Tower 423built1992
Mikwang Apartment Tower 323built1992
Busan Communication Building23built1997
Mikwang Apartment Tower 222built1992
Mikwang Apartment Tower 122built1992
Daewoo Sajik Green Tower 522built1992
21C Century22built1989
Daewoo Sajik Green Tower 421built1992
Sahak Fund Hall20built1996
Marine Center20built1999
Kukje Officetel20built1996
Korea Express Co. Building20built2000
Ion City Tower20built2005
Hae Gang Building20built1995
Daewoo Sajik Green Tower 320built1992
Daehan Life Insurance Building20built2001
Samsung Fire Insurance Building19built1996
Daewoo Sajik Green Tower 219built1992
Korea Appraisal Board18built1998
Hyundai Shipping Co. Building18built1989
Daewoo Sajik Green Tower 118built1992
Daelim Building17built1992
Kyobo Life Insurance Building16built2000
Korea Long Term Credit Bank16built1996
Nulwon Building14built1987
MBC Busan Studio14built1995
Pusan Mbc Building12built1996
Hyundai Department Storebuilt
Daewoo Marina City Tower 3vision
Daewoo Marina City Tower 2vision
Busan High Speed Rail Complexon hold
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