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Formerly known as Pusan.

A city of extreme southeast South Korea on Korea Strait southeast of Seoul. It developed into a major port during the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945).

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Dodo CES-Q43built2005
Heaundae Hyuplus B42built2014
Heaundae Hyuplus A42built2014
Park Hyatt Busan34built2012(1)
We've The Zenith Poseidon B45built2007
We've The Zenith Poseidon A45built2007
Sky Apartments 10241built2007
Sky Apartments 10141built2007
Deosyap Park City 10341built2015
Buam-dong 4841built2005
The Sharp Centum Park 10541built2005(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 10341built2005(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 10141built2005(1)
Namcheon Exllu Twin Towers Tower 243built2010
Namcheon Exllu Twin Towers Tower 143built2010
Worldmark Centurm Tower 437built2010
Worldmark Centurm Tower 337built2010
Worldmark Centurm Tower 237built2010
Worldmark Centurm Tower 137built2010
Minrak Dream World Tower 437built2003
Minrak Dream World Tower 337built2003
Minrak Dream World Tower 237built2003
Minrak Dream World Tower 137built2003
Busan International Finance Center Office ...36under construction(1)
SK View 10940built2008
SK View 10840built2008
SK View 10440built2008
LG Metro City 30340built2008
LG Metro City 30240built2008
LG Metro City 30140built2008
Hillstate Prugio A 11440built2013
Deosyap Park City 10440built2015
The Sharp Adele-Reese 10347built2003
The Sharp Adele-Reese 10247built2003
The Sharp Adele-Reese 10147built2003
The Sharp Centum Park 11143built2005(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 10943built2005(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 20540built2005(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 20340built2005(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 20140built2005(1)
Woosin Goldensweet Complex45built2005
Haeundae Hyperion, Tower B41built2006(1)
Haeundae Hyperion, Tower A40built2006(1)
Lotte Castle Sky Apartments 10939built2004
Lotte Castle Sky Apartments 10839built2004
Lotte Castle Sky Apartments 10739built2004
Lotte Castle Sky Apartments 10639built2004
Lotte Castle Sky Apartments 10539built2004
Deosyap Park City 10639built2015
Deosyap Park City 10539built2015
Deosyap Park City 10239built2015
Majestower Seomyeon Complex40built2008(1)
Lotte Gallerium Centum Tower A39built2007
Lotte Gallerium Centum Tower B35built2007
Centum View Raum35built2015
Daewoo Trumpworld Marin A42built2007
SK View 10338built2008
Hillstate Prugio A 10938built2013
Hillstate Prugio A 10838built2013
Hillstate Prugio A 10738built2013
Head Crew Members Apartments 10638built2006
Head Crew Members Apartments 10538built2006
Head Crew Members Apartments 10438built2006
Head Crew Members Apartments 10338built2006
Daewoo Trumpworld Marin B42built2007
Busan Hyperion Tower B41built2006
Busan Hyperion Tower A41built2006
Haeundae Iaan Exordium 10331built2009(1)
Haeundae Iaan Exordium 10231built2009(1)
Haeundae Hillstate We've 10135built2013(1)
SK View 10737built2008
Central Bay Royal Duke Vista37built2011
Dynasty 21 Tower 137built2002
Hanhwa Resort Hotel32built2000(1)
The H Suite Tower B38under construction
The H Suite Tower A38under construction
Lotte Castle Sky Apartments 10336built2004
Hillstate Prugio A 11336built2013
Hillstate Prugio A 10636built2013
Hillstate Prugio A 10536built2013
Hillstate Prugio A 10436built2013
Modern Benecity 10236built2005
Daewoo Trumpworld Centum B39built2007(1)
Daewoo Trumpworld Centum A39built2007(1)
Vert-Vill 10235built2005
Hillstate Prugio A 10335built2013
Hillstate Prugio A 10235built2013
Hillstate Prugio A 10135built2013
Deosyap Park City 11035built2015
Deosyap Park City 10935built2015
Daewoo Bugok Prugio 10435built2007
Daewoo Bugok Prugio 10235built2007
Daewoo Bugok Prugio 10135built2007
Golden Sweet Tower38built2006(1)
KNN Tower28built2013
Haeundae Hillstate We've 20335built2013(1)
Hillstate Prugio A 11134built2013
Deosyap Park City 11234built2015
Deosyap Park City 11134built2015
Deosyap Park City 10834built2015
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