The maritime city of Busan is the second largest city in Korea.
During the Korean War, Busan became a temporary capital instead of Seoul, which was occupied by North Korea.
It is a city with a lot of mountainous land and a lack of flat land.
Because the city cannot be expanded, tall buildings are mainstream in Busan.
The roads are famous for their complexity.
The main downtown area is
There are Seomyeon, Haeundae, Gwangalli, Beomil-dong, and Gwangbok-dong etc.

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LCT Landmark Tower101built2019(5)
LCT Tower A85built2019(3)
LCT Tower B85built2019(3)
The Gate Centum73proposed
Haeundae Doosan We've The Zenith 10180built2011(2)
Lotte Town Tower48proposed(6)
Haeundae IPARK Tower 272built2011(4)
Busan International Finance Center63built2014(4)
Haeundae Doosan We've The Zenith 10275built2011(2)
The Gate Dongwon74proposed
Haeundae IPARK Tower 166built2011(3)
Haeundae Doosan We've The Zenith 10370built2011(2)
The W Tower D69built2018(3)
The W Tower C69built2018(3)
The W Tower B69built2018(3)
The W Tower A69built2018(3)
Hillstate Ijin Bay-city C69under construction(1)
Hillstate Ijin Bay-city B69under construction(1)
Hillstate Ijin Bay-city A69under construction(1)
Munhyeon Finance Complex 345proposed
Lotte Castle De MER59proposed
The Sharp Centum Star B60built2008(2)
The Sharp Central Star A58built2011(1)
Haeundae IPARK Tower 346built2011(3)
Las Vegas Sands Casino Resortproposed(1)
Hyupsung Marina G761built2021(1)
The Sharp Centum Star C52built2008(1)
BI CITY Officetel49built2019(2)
WBC The Palace B51built2011(2)
WBC The Palace A51built2011(2)
The Sharp Centum Star A51built2008(2)
SK HUB Sky49built2006(1)
Centum Leadersmark43built2008(2)
Haeundae Hillstate We've 20253built2014(1)
Haeundae Hillstate We've 10253built2013(1)
Harmony Tower Marvellous40built2018(1)
Kyungdong Jade 10347built2012(1)
Samhan Golden View Central Park 10258built2019(2)
Lotte Hotel Busan43built1995(2)
The Sharp Central Star D48built2011(1)
The Sharp Central Star C48built2011(1)
Iaan Haeundae Exordium 10145built2009(1)
The Sharp Central Star E47built2011(1)
Park Hyatt Busan34built2012(2)
Samhan Golden View Central Park 10157built2019(2)
Samhan Golden View Central Park 10357built2019(2)
Centum Sky Biz42built2017(2)
The Sharp Central Star B47built2011(1)
Kyungdong Leein Tower49built2018(1)
BI CITY Hotel36built2019(2)
Haeundae Hillstate We've 10449built2013(1)
Kyungdong Jade 10243built2012(1)
Byucksan Astar 10152built2008(1)
Ocean Bridge 10248built2017(1)
Ocean Bridge 10148built2017(1)
Marine City Xi49built2019(1)
Haeundae Lotte Castle Star 10449built2020(1)
Haeundae Lotte Castle Star 10349built2020(1)
Haeundae Lotte Castle Star 10249built2020(1)
Haeundae Lotte Castle Star 10149built2020(1)
Doosan We've Poseidon 10247built2007(1)
Doosan We've Poseidon 10147built2007(1)
Dongrae Hyosung Harrington Place 10349built2019(1)
Dongrae Hyosung Harrington Place 10249built2019(1)
Dongrae Hyosung Harrington Place 10149built2019(1)
British Centum38proposed
Haeundae Hillstate We've 20147built2014(1)
Byucksan Astar 10249built2008(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 11451built2005(2)
The Sharp Centum Park 11351built2005(2)
The Sharp Centum Park 11251built2005(2)
The Sharp Centum Park 11051built2005(2)
The Sharp Centum Park 10851built2005(2)
The Sharp Centum Park 10751built2005(2)
The Sharp Centum Park 10651built2005(2)
The Sharp Centum Park 10451built2005(2)
The Sharp Centum Park 10251built2005(2)
Lamuette Officetel42built2015(1)
Haeundae The Sharp ADELES 10347built2003(1)
Haeundae The Sharp ADELES 10247built2003(1)
Haeundae the Sharp ADELES 10147built2003(1)
Byucksan Astar 10348built2008(1)
Hyupsung Huefore Busanjin Stn. 10347built2019(1)
Hyupsung Huefore Busanjin Stn. 10247built2019(1)
Daewoo Aratrium38built2013(4)
Namcheon Exllu Tower 10243built2012(1)
Namcheon Exllu Tower 10143built2012(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 20650built2005(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 20450built2005(1)
The Sharp Centum Park 20250built2005(1)
Gupo Dongwon Royal Duke Vista 10448built2014(1)
Gupo Dongwon Royal Duke Vista 10348built2014(1)
Haeundae Hillstate We've 10545built2013(1)
Kyungdong Jade 10140built2012(1)
Hyupsung Huefore Busanjin Stn. 10146built2019(1)
Haeundae Hillstate We've 20445built2014(1)
Haeundae Hillstate We've 10345built2013(1)
Gupo Dongwon Royal Duke Vista 10247built2014(1)
Gupo Dongwon Royal Duke Vista 10147built2014(1)
Haeundae Vista Dongwon 10245built2019(1)
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